PlatinumPay Xpress

Imagine using the power and convenience of the Internet to manage your payroll.

Now you don’t have to imagine it, you can experience it. PlatinumPay Xpress gives you a powerful, yet easy to use, tool for managing your payroll and human resources…all with the convenience of the Internet. With a few clicks of a mouse, your payroll can be managed from any browser, anywhere.

PlatinumPay Xpress

Providing you with the benefits and features you need to help manage your business:

  • Flexibility : While remaining easy to use, PlatinumPay Xpress has the features you need.
  • Integration : The integrated HR keeps all your data in one place…right at your finger tips.
  • Accessibility : Your payroll data can be accessed from any computer, including Windows, MACs, and Linux.

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