Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Priority One Payroll?

Contact us at 518-363-0600 or email us at

How do we switch to Priority One Payroll if another firm is already handling our payroll?

It’s simple.  Priority One Payroll will use existing data and history from the other firm and enter it into our system.

Can we start using Priority One Payroll anytime of the year?

Priority One Payroll uses a streamlined approach for client implementation allowing us to convert clients anytime of the year, including the middle of the month or quarter.

How long will it take to convert to Priority One Payroll?

Generally it takes one pay period.  Once we have collected the information we need, then we are ready to process by your next check date.

Who will I work with at Priority One Payroll?

Every client is assigned a Payroll Specialist that gets to know your payroll and your company.

Can anyone from my company contact Priority One Payroll?

No.  Only authorized representatives from your company can contact us.

What methods are available for getting my payroll information to Priority One Payroll?

Payroll information can be submitted by phone, fax and email.  You can also receive information through our PlatinumPay Xpress.

How does the payroll process work?

The payroll process is very simple.

  1. The client prepares the payroll information.
  2. The client submits the payroll information to their assigned customer service representative.
  3. The customer service rep validates payroll information and then processes.
  4. Payroll checks and reports are packaged and shipped.
What types of reports will be included with each payroll package?

Each payroll, Priority One Payroll will send you the following reports:

  1. Payroll Checks and Employee Earnings Statements
  2. Payroll Summary
  3. Payroll Check Register
  4. Department Summary
  5. Payroll Worksheet
What other types of reports do you offer?

Priority One Payroll offers a variety of optional reports, including Pension Reports, General Ledger, Job Costing, Workers’ Compensation, Check Reconciliation, Time Off Accrual and many more.

What other services do you offer besides payroll?

401K Plans, Workers’ Compensation, Time & Attendance and much more.

How are my payroll tax payments and filing requirements handled?

Every payroll, Priority One Payroll will debit your authorized bank account for any tax liabilities.  Priority One Payroll will remit all liabilities to the appropriate agencies on or before the due date.  Priority One Payroll will also prepare and file all quarterly and annual tax returns on your behalf.  Copies of these reports will be furnished to you.

How and when are payroll taxes and fees withdrawn from our account?

Your authorized bank account will be debited one day prior to your check date.

What information do I need to submit for a new employee?

Priority One Payroll will need the following:

  • name
  • address
  • social security number
  • rate of pay
  • marital status and the number of exemptions
  • any special deductions or taxes that apply
My employees frequently lose their checks. What other payments options are available?

Priority One Payroll offers unlimited direct deposits.  We also offer Payroll Debit Cards.

What if I’m unavailable to sign payroll checks?

Priority One Payroll offers check signing service.  With this service, your signature is captured digitally and imprinted on every check.

For additional information on any of our products or services please contact us at 518-363-0600 or e-mail