At Priority One Payroll, we are always looking for ways to provide our clients with excellent services that will help them in all areas of their businesses.

Through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS), a trusted, nationwide provider of background checks and screenings, we are now able to offer our clients background screening services including:

  • Social Security Verification – Identify aliases and counties where applicants reside.
  • County Criminal History Searches – Verify that the individual in question has no past criminal convictions.
  • Sex Offender Searches – Verify that the individual in question is not a registered sex offender.
  • Motor Vehicle Records – Search driving history for any know infractions.
  • and more

Employment Screening Services

Did you know employers who conduct a background screening reduce the risk of employee theft, fraud, and embezzlement? Background screenings may reveal past criminal behavior and can even save you thousands of dollars by helping you prevent a bad hire. When you conduct a background screening, you provide your employees and clients a sense of protection from sex and violent offenders. Background screenings send a message to your employees, vendors, and clients that you are serious about their safety.

With the help of National Crime Search, we are able to offer you an extensive list of screening options and reports for your pre-employment screening.

Drug Screening Services

Through the National Crime Search, we also offer our clients drug screening services to help you maintain a safe work environment for your employees and your clients through a variety of screening options including lab-based urine drug testing, instant onsite urine drug screening, and oral fluids testing.

More Services provided through National Crime Search, Inc.

For further information on the services we can provide to you and your business, CLICK HERE TO BE DIRECTED TO THE NATIONAL CRIME SEARCH, INC. WEBSITE.