Tax Filing

Priority One Payroll reduces your workload by taking full legal liability and responsibility for filing and depositing all federal and state payroll related taxes when they become due.  For the many payroll tax deposits and returns required each pay period, Priority One Payroll will keep track of the deadlines for each state in which you do business.  If there is ever a penalty for a payroll tax filing error we make, we’ll pay the penalty.

Benefit Accrual / NYS Sick Pay Accrual Service

Calculate your employees’ benefit time quickly and easily with Priority One Payroll automated Benefit Accrual Service.  Streamline this task by incorporating the accrual function directly into the payroll process.   Priority One Payroll service accrues, subtracts and adjusts the available balances each pay period and presents the updated balances for each category on the management reports and check stubs.


Our automated payment service helps you avoid the large, up-front deposits and year-end surprises common with workers’ compensation insurance.  By integrating our service with your payroll information, we can calculate your workers’ compensation costs as you go rather than waiting for the audit adjustment. Then we will submit your wage information.

Direct Deposit Services

Direct Deposit offers convenience and flexibility to our clients and their employees.  With Priority One Payroll Direct Deposit each employee can select the account or accounts they would like to have their net pay directly deposited to.  An employee can choose partial or full direct deposit, and either a flat dollar amount or a percentage of their net pay to be directly deposited.

Check Signing, Stuffing, & Sealing Service

Signing checks and sealing them in envelopes can be a tedious and time-consuming task.  We can digitize your signature to automatically sign the payroll checks on your behalf and eliminate the tedious task of manually signing the checks each pay period.

Time Clock Service

Online or Traditional

SwipeClock is a complete employee time and attendance solution.  Select internet time entry or use a traditional time clock.  Priority One Payroll provides the hardware, software and support for a much less expensive solution than traditionally offered.  Your employees can enter their time via the internet or swipe their ID badge to automatically capture their time worked per day.  All the data is available with a secure login for both the employer and employee’s to view, edit and run reports pertaining to your pertinent employee time data.  All hours are then integrated into our payroll system to provide a streamlined, integrated solution.

Time Clock Services

Paperless Payroll

“Go Green” and use our electronic service to e-mail your payroll data.  All payroll reports and direct deposit vouchers can be easily e-mailed in a pdf format, saving you time and the delivery expense. The turnaround time for your data is same day!

3rd Party Check Service / Garnishment Service

Now you can eliminate the tedious task of calculating and processing payments on behalf of your employees – take advantage of Priority One Payroll’s 3rd party check service for all your garnishee’s, tax levies, or any type of employee deduction.  The 3rd party checks can be processed for each individual employee or consolidate your payments to each payee.

Omni Account Service

Eliminate your responsibility from maintaining a payroll account.  Our Omni service makes it simple to reconcile your payroll checks. We debit your account once, draw the checks from our Priority One Payroll account, and ship them to you pre-signed and ready for distribution.