Go Paperless in 2015! Going Green Has Never Been Easier…

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Are you tired of trying to keep loose paper organized, finding additional storage space…and paper cuts? Ouch!  What about keeping track of paper time cards and manually adding hours and minutes?

Your friends at Priority One Payroll want to help relieve some of the unnecessary stress of payroll.  Did you know we offer several solutions for time keeping, inputting and receiving your payroll reports?

Here are a few payroll and business solutions you may find helpful:


Priority One Payroll’s Time Clock Service allows employees to punch in and out using our online site, PIN, swipe card or biometric scan, eliminating the headache of collecting time cards, adding hours, and for some clients, submitting them to your payroll professional. From our website, you can verify and edit employee punches, see updated totals at any time, and run labor reports. Automated timekeeping drastically cuts administrative work required to prepare payroll, saving you time and money.


Run payroll and get on with your day. That is exactly what PlatinumPay Xpress empowers small businesses to do, easier and faster than ever. Input your payroll online and receive all your payroll reports, even your quarter-end and year end forms, online in PDF format making printing or forwarding to your accountant a breeze.


When PlatinumPay Xpress or Time Clock Service just isn’t for you…that’s okay, we still have paperless options. Our Employer Report Self-Service (RSS) provides clients with a secure web portal to view and print their payroll, quarter-end and year end reports. Your employees get to go paperless also, with our Employee Self-Service (ESS) on their PC or mobile device.


Not interested in remembering another login and password? How about a simple email? Receive your reports through our automated email service. Your employees can also receive a secure, password protected, email copy of their direct deposit vouchers.


Priority One Payroll is pleased to introduce PUSH text message and email alerts! Receive payroll input reminders and payroll cash requirement amounts on your cell phone. We also have the ability to text the net pay amount to your employee on the scheduled check date.

For more information contact your Customer Service Specialist.